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Payments Distribution Made Easy

Are you spending hours making payments to your employees, sales agents, drivers, contractors, etc. With our RedPayment Card prepaid solutions, you can set up your business account with us and be live in up to 72 hours. You can then pay freelancers, developers, drivers, employees, sales agents etc. instantly, by utilizing our payments platform to distribute payments to prepaid debit cards, or by integrating your system with ours. MyChoice is very simply the easiest and securest way to pay service providers, business partners, and customers. MyChoice is a one-stop source for corporate payment solutions. You and everyone connected to your business will benefit from the convenience, security, and flexibility you get when you use MyChoice prepaid cards for your payment service.

Key Features

MyChoice prepaid cards are the answer to streamlining your business. With our prepaid cards, you can easily pay commissions, reimburse travel expenses, and make other payments across the globe in multiple currencies without the need for bank accounts or credit checks.

  • Access to Mastercard networks, which are widely accepted all over the world, making them the perfect choice for corporate payments.
  • Plastic and virtual accounts, allowing users the flexibility of online and portable payment options.
  • Instant payments to customers, employees, and other affiliates with refillable cards.
  • Secure cards, with chip and PIN as well as card personalization.
  • Access to expense tracking and management with an easy-to-use website and mobile app.

Business Benefits

Prepaid Business Cards for Small Businesses

When you use MyChoice prepaid cards, your business will experience the following benefits:

  • Quick and easy approval process, allowing you to get up and running in time to meet any and all deadlines.
  • Low operational costs.
  • Peak efficiency, allowing you to make payments and payees to have access to funds immediately, all with practically just a click of a button.
  • Custom performance, with access to turnkey features and a variety of flexible features to ensure a perfect fit for your business needs.
  • Professional support, including risk management, dispute management and corporate reporting, plus email and telephone support for you and your payees.

Cardholder Benefits

Your business is not the only side of the transaction that will enjoy the many benefits from choosing MyChoice prepaid cards. The following are just a few of the many benefits MyChoice cardholders enjoy:

  • Access to funds instantly
  • No bank accounts or credit checks required to obtain a card
  • Simple and transparent fee structure
  • Access to funds anywhere, from ATMs to POS terminals around the world
  • Chip and PIN security
  • Email and phone support